Residential, house or mobile home demolition can be a huge and challenging project for home owners especially if you do not have a dependable contractor. There is electric, water and sewer disconnects as well as variations of permitting procedure that can be overwhelming. At All American Debris & Wrecking, you have the option to let us do all the work for you! We will make sure that you are informed every step of the way. We have over a decade of experience with acquiring City Permits and we have the information of what, where and how to get it done.

Commercial demolition is time consuming and can be time restricted. At All American Debris & Wrecking, we are ready to serve your needs! We have experience with working with different mall Projects (Avenues Mall, Regency Mall and St. John’s Town Center). We can adapt our schedule and staffing needs to ensure that we meet yours!

Residential, Garage, Carport, Shed, Deck, Patio and Driveway demolitions are one of our many specialties.  We can turn your disaster around in a flash! We have the experience, tools and man-power to get the job done right. 

Swimming Pool Crush and Fill or Complete Demolition removal of unwanted or unusable swimming pool is one of our specialty.  We have successfully removed dozens of swimming pool and can offer references from past customers if need be. We can also remove or cut decks and patio slab as needed to meet your needs. 

Interior Gutting - Interior gutting typically involves the complete gutting of a commercial building or residence, leaving only the main structural components. All American Debris & Wrecking differentiates itself from other demolition contractors by dismantling materials in a controlled and clean manner. All American Debris Wrecking crews continually remove the debris while gutting. This provides a safe and clean work area for our customers and demolition crews.

Interior Gutting or Interior Demolition project can be complete, partial or selective demolition. Each project is unique; we will accommodate your needs as necessary.

Rubbish / Junk Removal - As a full-service demolition contractor we provide rubbish removal for clients when placing a dumpster on site is not an option. Rubbish removal services include labor and live load trucking or trailering. Rubbish can be consolidated by you or by our laborers and then removed. We will perform rubbish removal from most anywhere, typically from businesses, buildings, garages, sheds, attics and yards. Regular scheduled rubbish removal is available within our service area.

Cleanouts - All American Debris & Wrecking has laborers and trucks for every situation that may arise with a clean out. As a full-service demolition contractor we own all of our equipment to provide you with a cost effective cleanout. For cleanouts we have knuckle boom trucks, fixed bed trailers, dump trailers, pick-ups and we can also bring in dumpsters if necessary. All cleanouts are left broom swept at the end of every work day to ensure safety and clean working environments.

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